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Turquoise Circles, Circles Acrylic Abstract, 9x12x1/2 Canvas, Original 1/23, $303.00+S/H. Turquoise or Blue is one of the 7 Chakra's its right below Indigo or Navy Blue, Turquoise/Blue represents the 5th Chakra and it's related to the throat. You may or maynot have the connection with Chakra's and of course that is fine. I love looking at all meanings of colors and how one relates to them. Color plays a very big role in our lives, look around you, look at the colors you choose in your home, or what you wear or mother nature or ? Turquoise is such a pretty color, oh goodness, who am I kidding, I paint with all the colors I love. I love all my work, if I didn't I'd throw them away or paint over them. Yea Baby! Thank you

Turquoise Circles

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