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"The Metaphor Of Sea Glass",  Textured Collage, Orig 3/2024, 14x18x1/2 Canvas, $850.00+S/H.  Title & Description written by Susan Reinhart. "From teal to turquoise, colbalt blue to sea foam green, this painting is a visual splendor of the gorgeous muted colors of sea glass. What was once sharp and shiny has become smoothed and polished in the unrestrained tides of the ocean. Objects have travelled a rough journey, tossed and pounded through the currents and have arrived ashore at our feet, ready to be collected and admired." Susan's poetic words bring my paintings to life, giving the viewer a wonderful description. Poetry & Paintings are perfect marriage. Thank you. 

Materials: shells, rocks, buttons, various paper, plastic, and nontoxic glue.Thank you

The Metaphor Of Sea Glass

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