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Bubble & Rubble, Textured Collage, Orig 3/2024, 11x14x1/2 Canvas, $850.00+S/H. Title and Description poetic words by: Susan Rinehart. "A long Time ago, not too far from the waters edge, there lived a water sprite who collected everything from bits and bobs to coins and crowns. She took them all back to sell in her aquatic shop she had named Bubble & Rubble. She was a quirky character. She had a great talent for selling anything from junk to jewels. Everyone from the merfolk to sea deities were delighted to bargain and trade for her trash or treasure. She made a fine living and was quite pleased with her fame and fortune. Not much is left these days of her old sea shop. The remnants lie dormant and still. But if one is lucky enough to look into the deep water at just the right angle you might catcxh a glimpse of what once was." Beautiful description, don't you think? This painting started out as a collage, materials used: buttons, puzzle pieces, paperclips, various paper and plastic. Thank you. 

Bubble & Rubble

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