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Layers Of A Woman, Textured, Orig 12/2023, 16x20x1/2, $1,233.00+S/H. This is such a powerful painting. Parts of this painting have 5 layers of paint, which takes longer to finish. This painting is about females. A woman's layers are uncountable. U think you know her, only what she shows you. There are blobs of paint, which I call hills these are area's that were challenging for her, the sharp areas where the paint has been scraped off is the painful moments in her life, so much loss...the changes in direction are where she's made choices and changed. How true in everyones lives we have moments that are indeed challenging, and we gotta climb that hill, moments that we learn amazing things that take us on a different path and those moments were you must grieve the painful loss. We all have choices, all day long it's how you choose and then how you decide to apply it to your life. Yes, we do fall down, maybe over and over again. You gotta get back up and make another choice. This is life. This is a woman. Thank you.

Layers Of A Woman

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