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Flying Away, Butterfly Acrylic Abstract, Part of the Vanishing Series, 8x8x1/2 Org 5/2023, $238.00+S/H. The Vanishing Series is a sad one. Do you see it too? Whether you believe in Climit Change or Not, it's happening all over the world. Some of the video's are fake or over dramatized or both. However, scientist have prooved that it's happening and it's been going on for a long time, however, it started accelerating in the 70's with global warming, research by James Hansen. "Butterfly numbers continue to decline in many areas of the world owing to human activities. The impact from anthropogenic habitat destruction and pollution can be obvious." found on google research. This information brings tears to my eyes, but it's not too late. Let's all do our part so the newborn babies can experience the beauty of them.  Limited  Addition. Thank you

Flying Away

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