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Brilliant Journey, Circle Acrylic Abstract, Orig 12/2023, 18x24x1 1/2, double wooden frame, $576.00+S/H. Big beautiful Circles, 3 layers of paint. 1st layer is smooth paint, 2nd is the first layer of circles, and the 3rd is another layer of circles. Each layer has to dry before I can add another layer of circles. The layers give this painting such beauty. I love how busy this painting looks. Circles mean to me, continuous, moving, ongoing. What happens when you stop? Ask yourself, why have I stopped? Life is such a gift. Please don't stop moving through your life. If you feel tremendous saddness, please reach out for help. Don't go by yourself. When we ask for help from the right person, we become stronger, we gain wisdom, and we become better in every way that you desire. Life is so valuable and relatively short. Please don't give up. Thank you.

Brilliant Journey

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