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A She Storm Is Coming, Textured Acrylic Abstract, Original 12/23, 16x20x1/2, $996.00+S/H. Electronic copies are available now, $5.00 a copy without the watermark, there are 4 so far of this painting, more to come. A She Storm Is Coming.....with her she's bringing strength, wisdom and a whole lotta power. This painting is ME, the artist. When I'm researching a situation and I know I'm right, I will do whatever it takes to prove that I am right. I will NOT stop. So the message is... Never ever underestimate the wisdom, strength, and POWER of a woman with a mission. Another painting that the words match, the layers of paint, the energy, the movement, the colors show so much. Her energy can be overwhelming, and her wisdom shows in the layers of her life. The texture; highs and lows show her lessons the point when she falls down, she never gives up, standing tall with her head up and her shoulders back, she continues to move through her life always taking with her the wisdom she possesses. Fall down, get the fuck back up, head high, shoulders back, she walks with all that she is and all that she will become. Move aside or be trampled on, the choice is yours. Powerful Paintings New ones to come. Thank you.

A She Storm Is Coming

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